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We are a Supplier Agent for Stainless Steel, such as:

1. Stainless Steel Plate Grade: 430, 304, 201
2. Steel Shot
3. Steel Grit
4. Sand Blasting
5. Polish Srvice for Stainless Steel

With more than 8 years experience in the field of Metal Supplier ( product of the above products) to various companies and industries, we are committed to our customers to always provide the best services such as: Goods provided in accordance with demand, fast Delivery, friendly service, and competitive price.

Here are some areas of the company related products Indo Illam Indah:

1. Construction Company Advertising ( Advertising)
2. Steel Manufacturing Industry
3. Company Bodies
4. Insulation Company
5. Home Industy

So Make sure all material needs are met with a good company, so that the wheels of your business running properly, and achieve success in every time, and we are very happy if the cooperation is established between your company with us

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